Improve your Coaching with Gordon Brown

This unique two-day development program is designed to take you from your current level of coaching knowledge and ability, building on what you already know and do, enhancing it so that you can become the coach you really want to be. This program is available at many locations and is accessible and available to everyone no matter what level of coach you are, or indeed what you coach. Non-Paddlesports coaches may attend this course. This course requires your full commitment to the two days. You will work with Gordon to develop your coaching skills in a supportive way. Gordon has a lifetime’s experience of kayaking in all its forms and well over thirty years coaching sea kayaking at the highest level. He has completed a Master’s degree in performance coaching with a focus on decision making in order to avoid incidents.

Skill Level


  • Be a teacher, instructor or coach.
  • Be open to learning and developing your coaching craft.
  • Have an open mindset.

Upcoming Courses

Date: March 29-30, 2019
Victoria area

Key Course Documents