Changes to the Itinerary. At our discretion, based on the weather conditions and the group, we may have to modify our itinerary.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to meet the program objectives; any changes in itinerary and objectives will be discussed with the group before a final decision is made. 

Travel and Medical Insurance. Unexpected medical and travel incidents do occur, and they often have hidden costs.  We strongly encourage all our participants to purchase additional insurance when taking a SKILS program.  Specifically, ask your travel agent about trip cancellation insurance and additional medical insurance to cover events such as wilderness evacuations, ambulance transfers, and medical equipment.  The latter is especially important for individuals travelling outside their home province and internationally to take SKILS programs. Also consider purchasing travel insurance in case of an unforeseen situation where you need to cancel such as an injury, a family emergency, a change in your career, etc.

Evacuation Policy. Occasionally, we need to evacuate a participant from the program due to health or behavioural concerns; in this event, the evacuee is responsible for all costs associated with the evacuation.  Depending on the urgency of the situation, SKILS will either arrange for transportation through local resources or through the Canadian Coast Guard.  Participants are responsible for all costs associated with their evacuation. 

Cigarettes, Alcohol, Illicit Drugs. Cigarettes are welcome on most SKILS programs.  Smokers are asked to respect the needs of other participants by smoking away from the group, timing their smoke breaks to minimize the impact on the course schedule, and to dispose of cigarette ends in accordance with low impact guidelines.  If you have questions about these policies, please contact us before the start of the program. 
Consumption of alcohol is discouraged on Paddle Canada instructor or SKGABC guide training courses. Alcohol consumption must take place at the end of formal programming, and must not interfere with on water travel.  If an instructor/guide is concerned about alcohol consumption they have the right to suspend the program, and remove the participant(s) from the program. 
Illicit drugs are not compatible with any SKILS program.  Participants possessing or consuming illicit drugs will be removed from the program as soon as reasonably possible, at their own expense. 

Privacy Policy. In accordance with Canadian and British Columbia law, SKILS works hard to keep your personal information secure.  Personal Information is any information about an “identifiable individual” including information regarding ethnic background, religion, marital status, medical condition, employment, and education. Information published publicly such as listed telephone number, address and name is not considered to be personal information. We keep personal information associated with each student for 7 years. 
Personal information in SKILS custody shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than the reasons for which the information was collected or uses reasonably consistent with such purposes, unless consent has been given for such new uses.
The exception to this commitment is where the use is authorized by law or where disclosure is required by law. Other than where required or authorized by law SKILS will seek written consent to disclose personal information. If SKILS finds it necessary to transfer personal information in our possession to a third party such as the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC or Paddle Canada, the transfer of such information is completed according to a contractual relationship with the third party recipient to ensure those in receipt of the information maintain the confidentiality of such transferred information.