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Kayaking the Broken Group Islands. The Essential Guidebook SOLD OUT!

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by JF Marleau and published by Pacific Rim Informative Adventures (PRIA) in 2006 (First Edition) and 2008 (Second Edition).

The Broken Group Islands (BGI) on the west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the most famous sea kayaking destinations in the world. There is no match for its natural beauty and diversity of wildlife. This section of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has much to offer kayakers of all levels. The inner islands are sheltered waters with quiet lagoons. The outer islands are exposed to open ocean swells and powerful waves which pound the shore. The BGI is a wilderness brimming with life including a variety of intertidal critters, marine mammals, land mammals and birds which live in this archipelago of over 100 islands. This paradise also has a rich history of First Nations culture that dates back more than 5000 years. This paddling guidebook is the most complete and up to date field reference on the Broken Group Islands. It is suitable for all kayakers - from the novice paddler to the experienced kayak guide. It provides in-depth information pertaining to the Broken Group Islands including natural and cultural history, wildlife, camping, safety, and highlights. This reference will enhance your preparation, preparedness as well as your safety, knowledge and enjoyment of kayaking in the Broken Group Islands. Signed copies available with online orders only.

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