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Sea Kayak Strokes: A Guide To Efficient Paddling Skills SOLD OUT!

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Sold Out!

By Doug Alderson and published by Rocky Mountain Books in 2007.

Sea Kayak Strokes is a concise manual for learning and improving paddling skills. Doug Alderson's tips will help you paddle faster and with less effort, turn your kayak with greater ease, and keep your head above water using quick and effective bracing techniques. Doug describes how the forces of wind and water affect directional control of a kayak, providing information on how to choose the most effective stroke at the right time. You won't have to struggle in the wind if you use the strokes that let the wind do some of the work for you. Learn to save your energy and keep your kayak moving when waves and current are trying to push you around. Sea Kayak Strokes is a teaching and learning guide with sensible text and clear illustrations an invaluable resource for paddlers and instructors. Signed copies available with online orders only.

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